The SIVA is a tactical surveillance UAV, developed by the National Institute of Aerospace Technology to perform medium range operations for intelligence missions.

It is a versatile system which can be operated both with landing gear on short runways minimally prepared, as well as by pneumatic launcher for take-off and recovery by parachute. Its carbon fibre modular construction and its propulsion system allow for a large payload space and a good power capacity, to accommodate a wide range of payloads.

The SIVA has an experimental Airworthiness Certificate that allows for its operation in a segregated airspace.
SCR participates in the program manufacturing the fairings for the engine, hardware, belly pan and karman. These have been extensively modified to improve the aircraft’s aerodynamics, to facilitate its dismantling for maintenance activities and to prevent the filtering of water from rain. To optimize the relation between resistance and weight they have been totally built with a prepreg carbon fibre material.

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