Scrab II

The SCRAB II aerial target is used for the training of weapon systems operators of anti-aircraft and air-to-air, as well as the calibration and assessment of such systems.

The design of the system is based on three main premises: price, performance and easy operation and maintenance. This way, the SCRAB II can be operated after a short training period from both ground and on board ships to perform open-sea exercises. For this reason, the main components are protected by a standard IP-67 level.

The motorization is based on a twin jet engine that provides unprecedented performances at high speeds, while allowing it to climb to altitudes unreachable for other engines. Its development, specifically oriented for this purpose, gives them a high degree of reliability, operational safety and performance. The use of heavy fuels (Jet A-1, JP-5, JP-8, paraffin...) simplifies the fuel supply for the end user.

The state of the art autopilot allows for a totally autonomous flight plan, from take off to recovery in a precise and reliable way with data link range of more than 100 kms. With a single Ground Control Station an operator can control up to 4 UAVs simultaneously. Since as many GCSs as needed can be added, the number of UAVs in flight can be unlimited.

A wide range of payloads are available to cover any exercise requirements, including Radar-Altimeter for Sea Skimming exercises as well as visual, IR and radar enhancement devices.



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