SCR began operations in 1994, working from the beginning in close collaboration with INTA (Spanish National Institute for Aerospace Technology), continuing today in projects related to unmanned aircraft vehicles.

SCR has manufactured for INTA and continues to do so, most of the prototypes for wind tunnel and real flight tests.

SCR also has the license for serial production of the ALBA system; the armed forces’ most used Target Drone for training exercises of anti-aircraft Artillery Units.

However, and as an independent company as it is, SCR produces other Target Drones such as its own designed SCRAB I & II, which are successfully used by the Spanish Army, Navy and Air Force.

More than 600 aircraft have been manufactured and delivered, including operating training courses, maintenance and spare part services.

In addition SCR regularly participates in the production of complete or partial structural frames for UAV leading companies.

Designing and Manufacturing Services Resources
* Aircraft Vehicles. * Systems integration. Over 20 years of experience and projects in the sector, guarantee our work in the following areas:
* Tools for manufacturing composites & processes. * Repair and maintenance. * Designing
* Launching systems. * Spare parts supply.
* Manufacturing
* Recovery systems. * Training and systems operation courses. * Operation
* Ground control stations. * SCR Support personnel. We perfom your drone project, from the cell producing structural and aerodynamic, to the integration of electronic systems and navigation and control.

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